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Home is the most common place for older adults to fall. How can I make my home safer for seniors?

Falls are a serious problem for seniors and young children, but they can be prevented with the help of a nanny. A nanny is a trained professional who is able to provide assistance to seniors and young children in order to help them avoid falls. With their experience, knowledge, and expertise in providing care, they can create an environment that is safe for those who are at risk of falling. Nannies can also provide supervision and guidance on how to safely move around the home or outdoors, as well as provide reminders about the importance of wearing proper footwear. By having a nanny in the home, families can ensure that their loved ones are kept safe from potential falls.

Top nine things that can be done:

· Clear clutter from walkways and stairs

· Install handrails on both sides of the stairs

· Keep walkways, steps, and handrails well-lit

· Ensure that carpets or rugs are securely fastened to the floor

· Remove any obstacles from staircases or hallways

· Make sure that any furniture does not block pathways or corridors

· Check for uneven surfaces along walkways or steps

· Ensure that all staircases have a non-slip surface.

· Use only non-slip rugs on the kitchen and bathroom floor, and non-skid mats, decals, or abrasive strips in the bathtub and shower

A home is a place that makes seniors feel secure in the company of loved ones. Slight support from the family can help Nannies prevent falls in seniors and enjoy their old age.


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