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Importance of signing Contract!

Contract is basically a written document that outlines the full details of the employer & employee responsibilities. Although making a contract is a tedious job but it is very important in the long run both for the employer & the employee. For an instance, a nanny usually spends almost around 40 hours with the family and sometime employer take advantage of them and they are not compensated for the extra work they do.

So due to the following reason contracts are important:-

· Written explanation: It is a written form of the job duties & responsibilities that should be performed by nanny and how much they will be paid hourly along with the benefits. It gives the clear understanding of the terms of the employment, something that nanny agreement provides.

· Misunderstanding: This is used so that no one can have the scope of misunderstanding as everything is elaborated in the contract. It provides the scope of the work so no one can claim any misunderstanding later on.

· Legally: Sometime people found a better opportunity and then they want to change the job. So the contracts are very useful here as they are legally enforceable. Choosing to make the document can help to avoid the mess before they arise.

· Useful for both: It is very useful for not only employer but also for employee as it contains the rights and job duties of both. For an instance for employee, the employer cannot force him/her to work more than the actual hours written in the contract and have to pay them.

· Details covered: Make sure that every single detail is covered so to avoid the future mess. It should cover all the things from basic to intermediate.

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