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Role of Caregiver in a Family!

Due to Covid-19 everyone was at home but now the work is resuming slowly, before that the family members used to care for their beloved ones. Now they have to focus on their jobs and businesses to cope up with the loss that they have faced. First the individual should know why they need caregiver? For whom they need care giving? And how important the caregivers are for the family.

Description of the role of Caregivers can be overwhelming as they play very crucial role for the welfare of the family. They provide the person with physical and emotional care.

Below are some of the Key roles:

· Physical care & Emotional Support: Physical care and the emotional support are necessary at every stage. At every stage of life people need to be having a person by their side that can support them emotionally. When the family members are not available then all these things should be taken care by the caregiver. For physical it can be from bathing to medicine to bedding. For example, if the care giving is for kids, then they should make sure that are eating properly and taking proper nap. They need to make sure that the child is learning good habits because they are the future citizens of the country, make them learn both the outdoor and indoor games.

· Manage day to day things: In the absence of the family members caregivers need to manage all the routine things. They need to make their schedule as per the individual. For an instance, if the care giving is for elderly then they need to make a doctors appointment and need to follow on medication and meals as per the prescriptions. The caregiver needs to assist them in the morning or evening walks and in social involvement. They also have to clean the room and bedding so to provide them clean and safe environment.

· Prepare food: Preparing food is the integral part as sometimes people only like to eat their cultural food or as per the recommendation of the doctor. They always make sure that the food they are making for the kids or for other family member should be healthy and nutritious.

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