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Who is qualified to work as a Nanny in Canada?

A caregiver will usually work in the home and help clients with daily activities which may include bathing, taking medications, and some house work like bedding, cleaning. In addition, someone who is working as a nanny is responsible for providing care to one or more people.

Moving to Canada as a Nanny or Caregiver has became a popular choice for many people. Here’s what you need to know in order to sponsor a foreign nanny to work for you.


Home Child – Care Provider Pilot/ Home Support Worker Pilot:- Individual applying under this program must have done Education assessment of 1 year post secondary education (If done outside Canada) and the language proficiency test with CLB 5. Apart from this the candidate must have the following:

At least relevant experience

A job offer and the ability to perform the work

Do I Need an LMIA?

To come to Canada as a Caregiver, Employer will need to issue a genuine offer of employer. No LMIA needed. Caregivers in Canada with work or study will need LMIA to work permit


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