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Why are there rejections in Nanny Interview?

Professionalism makes a difference when applying for the post of Nanny. The first impression of a client matters a lot. Hence, when you are showing up for an interview or sending an email, kindly focus on the following points.

  1. Punctuality matters: It means showing up when you say you will. When you are punctual, it signals that you take your job seriously. In almost every workplace, punctuality is synonymous with professionalism. Being prepared and on time is crucial to being taken seriously in the professional world.

  2. Dress professionally: Dressing well and staying well-groomed conveys more than just power, authority, and confidence. Avoid wearing ripped jeans, runners, and flip-flops while attending an in-person interview. Always wear clothing that is ironed and clean. Stay away from tight-fitting clothes or plunging necklines. Remember: Dressing like a professional is an excellent place to start.

  3. Show positivity in your language and gesture: Be conscious of the things you say. Maintain good eye contact, and use a head nod to show that you focus on what they are saying and listen respectfully to them. It can show that you agree with what they are saying or just that you are acknowledging that their thoughts or opinions are valid. Smiling is friendly, open, and approachable and strengthens personal and professional relationships.

  4. Make sure your email address is professional: Make a professional email the job. Do not keep unprofessional names, which can severely affect a job search. While making a professional email id, try making it with your first or last name and then adding numbers or whatever makes sense.

  5. Look at your social media pages: People try to probe through social media in this technology-driven world. So make sure what you post and change the settings to Private on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  6. Show professionalism in sending emails: When a work-related email is sent, make sure to add a greeting, use correct spelling and grammar, and be professional in the language. Using slang is a big no; remember to proofread it before sending it.

  7. Keep a professional approach while conversing with the client and the family: Working in someone’s home is highly personal and essential to maintain professionalism. While working together, sometimes a friendly relationship does develop with the child and the family members but be sure to keep in mind that it’s your job and your workplace is someone’s home. Hence, it’s important to keep conversation with the child or elderly work appropriate.


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