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Word of Caution

On the behalf of CINA we would like to inform all that CINA is not a recruitment agency. We do not offer any job opportunities we are not in tie-up with any employment agency and we do not provide job opportunities either within Canada or any other country. CINA does not have any branch/office all around the world, except its head office in New Westminster, BC, Canada. Canadian International Nanny Association or its Directors will not be responsible for any monetary transaction done in the name of the company or in the name of the Director.

Recent events indicate that prospective job seekers are being contacted and are being assured of getting jobs through CINA. CINA IS NOT A RECRUITMENT AGENCY and we DO NOT ASSURE JOBS , we donot provide any immigration service. If anyone contacts you and assures JOBS on the behalf of CINA, IT IS A BIG FRAUD. CINA is not responsible for any job commitment or any financial exchange between any people.

Below are steps you can take to avoid being involved in fraudulent recruitment activities:

· Do not respond to unsolicited employment proposition and/or offers from people or companies using the name of CINA.

· Do not disclose any personal or financial details to anyone you do not know


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