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Reasons a Nanny is better than Daycare

Many parents believe that nanny is too expensive but actually these days nannies are not only affordable and accessible, they also provide benefits that a daycare centers cannot match.

Below are some of the advantages of Nanny vs Daycare:-

· Parents can leave to work whenever ready they don’t have to rush towards daycare to drop the child.

· No morning frustrations both for kids & parents.

· Nanny will be there to take care of your child only which will prevent from germs & allergies from other children.

· You can make schedule of diet, eating and ask nanny to follow for healthy life of your children.

· Nanny can also help with other household responsibilities which will result in more quality time with your children.

· No more days off when child is sick.

· Better & hot food at home than daycare.

· In case the child has an emergency your nanny can act quicker and will be well aware of your child’s allergies & other medical conditions.

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